What's going on?

New steps in the project!

TOGETHER on the move reached its last project year.

In the last months we were working on the final design of the training materials that can be used for immigrants in any kind of formal and non-formal education and integration courses and activities.

Furthermore, first mobility trainings and train-the-trainer workshops were carried out in Austria, Belgium and the UK. Photos are coming soon!


The training materials are online now!

You can download the teaching and training materials, provided in the 5 topic related modules, in the menu "Download materials".

Adapted materials for Austria and Sweden are coming soon!

Upcoming Events

  • Mobility trainings in all partner countries

Mobility trainings for walking, cycling, public transport, Eco-driving and sustainable transport in general will be carried out till autumn 2013.


  • National conferences

A final conference will be held in every partner country in winter 2013.

Former Events

  • Creative Meeting and first external Expert meeting, 21st and 22nd of June 2011

The creative process for the development of the teaching and training materials of TOGETHER on the move was launched with a two day- meeting in the City of Graz.

Organised by FGM-AMOR all project partners as well as five experts in the field of education and migration participated in this meeting, in which common solutions for implementing teaching and training materials for immigrants and teachers and trainers of relevant organisations were defined and worked out. After a warm welcome speech by the Vice Mayor of Graz, Lisa Rücker, the morning of the first day was dedicated to the experts and their valuable experiences concerning necessary didactic skills and intercultural competences within their presentations.

After one and a half days of busy but fruitful discussions in the whole consortium and efficient subgroups the meeting achieved the following results:

  • Agreement on the contents of the teaching and training materials
  • Distinction between the necessary contents for formal and non-formal education and first definitions of the respective approaches
  • Definition of design guidelines

Within the meeting the partners were able to clarify and agree on the workflow for the creative process of TOGETHER on the move.

A big thanks to all experts!


  • The start ...

TOGETHER on the move commenced in January 2011. Its first months were dedicated to analysing the background of immigrants in the partner countries and the existing integration and social inclusion initiatives. The results of the analyses are available in the State-of-the-Art-report in the section "Deliverables" of the menu "About the project".