The project in one minute

In times of globalisation and increasing immigration, sustainable mobility and access to different transport modes is a precondition for finding work, feeling socially included and successfully integrating into a new society. This growing importance of social equity and equal access to transport systems is a driving force for the TOGETHER consortium to develop new, but necessary support for immigrants.

TOGETHER on the move offers energy efficient transport training for immigrants and develops teaching and training materials for sustainable mobility like walking, cycling, public transport and greener car use. Furthermore, opinion leaders from immigrant institutions and associations will be encouraged and trained to implement the issue of mobility in their formal and non-formal integration courses and activities. These project activities seek to enhance the quality of life of immigrants, to facilitate social inclusion as well as conserving essential energy resources for future generations.

This 3-years-project is being funded by the "Intelligent Energy Europe Programme” of the European Commission and commenced in January 2011.